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Abutilon Vitifolium “Tennant’s White”



Abutilon Vitifolium “Tennant’s White.”

This is a superb variety of the lovely type species with grey-felted leaves and bearing gorgeous, very large (up to 8cm across), pure white flowers. 10ft (3m)

This is a rather lovely, deciduous shrub from Chile with downy, greyish, vine-shaped leaves. Fast growing (over 10 feet in only 18 months from seed) and, if left to its own devices, eventually large and handsome, it bears from a fairly early age copious numbers of large flowers described variously as saucer, bowl or other kitchen utensil-shaped. Although most profuse in late spring or early summer, blooms can be found as late as October. Likes a warm position.

Hardy : Hardy.